Three Benefits of Marble Flooring

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Redoing the flooring in your home can be very exciting with lots of different flooring options to choose from, including carpeting, hardwood, vinyl, tile, or stone flooring. If you are looking for a particularly luxurious option, you might consider marble for your new floors.

Three Benefits of Marble Flooring

Here are three benefits of marble flooring to help you make your decision.

  1. Increased aesthetic appeal: Marble flooring can offer a very elegant and luxurious look for your home, no matter what room you put it in. The beautiful natural stone colors and veining can easily increase the aesthetic appeal of your home.
  2. Increased home value: The natural stone of marble flooring can also add value to your home in a way that simpler flooring materials cannot. This can make it easier and more profitable when it comes to selling your home.
  3. Low maintenance: As long as you keep your marble flooring properly sealed against scratches and staining, it is fairly low maintenance. It can be cleaned with basic sweeping and mopping without any special chemicals or cleaners. Just be sure to have it resealed annually to keep it protected and prolong its lifespan.

Marble flooring is always a great choice for your home, but it is not recommended for use in bathrooms due to its porous nature. It can upgrade the appearance of any room and pairs great with floor heating or decorative rugs. Contact us today at The Stone Studio if you would like to learn more or to see what other flooring options we have available.